LMM6000-340gr CERMARK Lasermarking spray for metals

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1 l = 426.47 €
LMM6000-12oz (340gr) Cermark aerosol spray can, Black on metals (Edelstahl V2A und V4A, Stainless 1.4301, 1.4404). 
LMM-6000 laser marking aerosol for metal is specially formulated to create highly durable marks with high resolution on various metals.
LMM-6000 aerosol is an ethanol-based, ready-to-use black laser marking which allows for faster drying time. It is recommended for almost any metal substrate including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, copper, chrome plating, nickel and similar metals. 
It is not recommended for laser marking on metals with a lacquered coating. 
The contrast, resolution, and durability of  marks made with LMM-6000 make it ideal for the following laser marking applications:

Awards and Promotional Products

  • Custom marks on metals
  • Logos and decorative marking on metal

Industrial Laser Marking Applications

  • Barcoding
  • 2D data matrices
  • Product serialization
  • Direct part marking
  • Text labeling
  • Part traceability


 Better Consistency and  Accuracy 


Precision black marks on metal can be achieved in seconds

utilizing LMM-6000 laser marking aerosol. Laser-controlling software

enables positional accuracy with excellent mark repeatability.



High contrast, durable marks can be achieved more quickly using LMM-6000 compared to other marking methods.

 Extremely High Contrast and Resolution


Laser-bonded marks created with Ferro’s laser marking aerosols produce permanent, high-resolution marks with high contrast on a wide range of metals.  

 Cost Savings 


Rapid marking speeds reduce energy costs while reducing rework and scrap.



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