Laser materials & Engravables



Safety instructions
Before starting work, read the operating manual for your equipment and follow the instructions.
Do not allow children to work with equipment and do not leave unattended.
Use laser-appropriate goggles to protect your eyes from laser radiation.
Do not leave laser equipment unattended.
A serviceable fire extinguisher should be located in the room in case of fire extinguishing.
If you have not equipped a hood, use a respirator to protect your breathing.
Laser machines open version VS closed version
laser_open_small laser_closed
In the present time there are two different types of laser machines: one has an open version, the other a closed working zone.
We are convinced that the first (open) has a fundamental disadvantage over the closed. This is because while working with this laser, which often goes on for several hours, a combustion of material takes place (rubber, plastic of all kinds, wood, paper, leather, etc.).
All combustion products (smoke, odors, etc.) enter the room and can be harmful to health. These exhaust gases are also retained for a very long time. Problems and complaints of neighbors that this smoke disturbs are guaranteed.
Machines with a closed working zone have a fundamental advantage over open machines. All combustion products can be discharged from the working zone to the outside with the aid of extraction fans. If this is not possible, the use of filter systems with activated carbon filter is recommended. The smoke extractor ensures clean air in your working environment.
If you have decided to use/purchase an open machine, we strongly recommend that you make a housing that can completely cover the machine and equip it with a smoke extractor before the first use.
We recommend the use exclusively of machines with closed working zone and sufficient smoke extraction in all cases.