6.2019 New items in our shop: Special laser lense cleaning wipes, leather key fobs

5.2019 Our shop got a new look, some Facelifting; new category: Trial sets; new productline: Stamp timber

4. 2019 Stainless steel sign blanks with mountig holes, rounded corner, stand offs  - ideal for lettering with laser marking sprays / paste Marksolid / Cermak.

2.2019 Now we are  selling engraving plastic Laser / CNC in 300x600mm format, quantity discounts, better quality.

6.2018 New: the unique "Low Smell laser stamp rubber"  in colors red, yellow, blue, gray



New Starter set for making Rubber stamps.

Product no.: ST-SORT2

Starter set for making rubber stamps of different sizes. With this set you can begin to make rubber stamps on your laser engraver or do them for the need of your office.

Consists of 30 pcs, of wood handles (laquered matt, glued fix, with marker point.) 10x50mm - 5 pcs, 10x70mm - 4 pcs., 20x50mm - 4 pcs., 30x50mm - 4 pcs. 30x60mm - 3 pcs., 40x50mm - 2 pcs, 50x50mm  - 2 pcs., D 30mm - 2 pcs, D 40mm - 2 pcs., D 50mm - 2 pcs.

+ 2 pcs of laser stamp rubber 210 x 300 x 2,3mm

+ 2 pcs of double-sided adhesive sheets 165 x 250mm, 1mm thicknes

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New EZ Clean - laseroptic cleaning wipe with Ethanol 24 pc.

Product no.: EZCLEAN

EZ Clean - laser optic cleaning wipe with Ethanol 24 pc.

EZ-Clean, an innovative disposable wipe for the routine cleaning of optical laser lenses. Composed of special non-scratch fabric, the wipe deposits a pre-measured amount of quick-drying cleaning fluid that leaves no residue. The EZ-Clean package conmes with 24 pc. ready-to-use wipes, in which one wipe cleans one lens in a matter of seconds. Cleaning translates into significantly less down-time for your machinery.

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