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4. 2019 Stainless steel sign blanks with mountig holes, rounded corner, stand offs  - ideal for lettering with laser marking sprays / paste Marksolid / Cermak.

2.2019 Now we are  selling engraving plastic Laser / CNC in 300x600mm format, quantity discounts, better quality.

New: 3-in-1 Press  for hole punching, notching and rounding perpetual name plates.

New: laser leatherette engravable items.

6.2018 New: the unique "No Smell laser stamp rubber"  in colors red, yellow, blue, grey

6.2018 New : AlumaMark Laser engraving aluminium.

5.2018 New: Laser engravables, quality wood pastry boards.

10.2017 The Price for ZnSe LaserLenses reduced at 10%.