MAXI-PRESS 3-in-1 para perforación del agujero, hacer una muesca y doblamiento sobre platos


MAXI-PRESS 3-in-1 para perforación del agujero, hacer una muesca y doblamiento sobre platos

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MAXI-PRESS 3-in-1 is for hole punching, notching and rounding perpetual name plates.

  • One-step punching, notching and rounding
  • Fast, positive stroke
  • Clean, burr-free cut
  • Easily adjustable radii
  • Complete, self-contained unit
  • Sturdy, attractive walnut base
  • Economical table-top performance

Optimum performance and versatility is yours with  3-in-1 “Maxi-Press” designed for hole punching, notching, and rounding perpetual name plates. The “6-way option” press is made to meet your specific requirements.

6-Way Option Produces

  • Notched Corners Only
  • Round Corners Only
  • Punched Holes Only
  • Combination Punch and Notch
  • Combination  Hole Punching and Rounded Corners
  • Center Hole Punched

Hardened and ground punch and die components assure clean, burr-free cuts each and every time, and add beauty and styling to plain square or rectangular name plates, fast and easy!

Simple in design, the 3-in-1 punching, notching and rounding press is fast and easy to use. Inexperienced operators can quickly  produce plates with repeat accuracy.

Single Unit Performs the Following

Operation is simple… place name plate into grooved corner guide, use adjusting screw for radii desired and move handle from right to left. For producing punched holes only, move adjusting screw counter clockwise. For producing notched or rounded corners only, move adjusting screw to desired notch depth and raise handle to vertical position and return. For handle combined punching and notching in one pass, swing handle completely from right to left. To produce center holes at ends of plate, remove grooved corner locator guide and add edge guide locator.

To produce rounded corners, insert plate into upper “V” guide. To product notched corners, insert plate into lower “V” guide. It’s that simple!

Do not exceed the folowing material thickness:

Aluminium: 0.030" (0,75mm )

Brass: 0.025" (0,6mm)

Steel (not stainless): 0.02" (0,5mm)

Plastic: 0,060"   (1,5mm)


Weight - 8 lbs  (3,5 Kg), Dimension: 17.25 x 11.25 x 6 in (43x30x15cm), 

Hole size: 1/8" Hole  (3,17mm)


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