Payment and delivery

Important information, please read:
Dear Visitors! As from the 1st of July 2021 in European Union in force entered the new order about collecting of VAT-Tax (IVA, TVA, BTW...) from the sales to private buyers (OSS: one-stop-shop).
It orders, that for sales to private persons from EU-Countries the VAT-tax must be applied based on the current VAT-rate in the country, whereto the order will be delivered.​
Our shop is located in Germany and the prices are shown included the German 19% MwSt.
To see the prices for sales and delivery to your country - please login or register new account before starting order / to view our offer.
Otherwice the difference between German MwSt. 19% and the VAT-rate of your country will be added to the invoice (or substracted) .
No changes for the intracomunnity sales to business buyers with VAT-ID. (anyway we suggest you to login or register new account with VAT-ID number as well ).
Thank you for understanding!

European companies can order VAT-Free:  to order VAT-free as an intracomunnity Sale please register before to order an input your EU VAT-ID and the company name exactly as registered.
We are always checking the inputed VAT-ID if it is valid or fake.

Delivery with the DPD  / DHL parcel from19 Euro.
You can pay us with the Bank draft or Paypal or credit card over the paypal.
After the completing the order you will receive our Bank information or an Paypal express-checkout link.
Bank drafts from abroad: For all the bank drafts from not-EU lands or from not-EU banks or not-SEPA area: please add 5 euro ( bank fee ) to all payment below 100 euro, 10 Euro if over 100€
The commercial invoice (Rechnung) you will find in the parcel. All the buyers getting an accurate commercial invoice for the purchaises.
Sorry, we can not supply you with free samples.
Normal delivery time with DPD -  IT, FR, ES, GB, IR, AT, DK, BE, NL, LU, PL, HU 3-4 working days., rest of Europe 4-5 days.