AVERY PET 50 Black Laser Etch Film 120 mmx10m roll for slef-adhesive labels

Product no.: AVERYPET50

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1 m² = 33.32 €

AVERY PET 50 Black Laser Etch BY086 Foil 120 mm x 10 lfm, permanent adhesive

Applications and Use
This product was specially developed for laser marking and cutting applications. The black coating of the white polyester film can be ablated with a laser, creating a white image. The emission is non-corrosive. The main area of application is labeling of durable goods. Examples in the automotive market include under-the-hood applications, electric vehicle battery cells and modules. This material can also be used on heavy machinery, powertools, solar panels, air condition units and other electric devices. 
This is a premium product for the automotive industry, using Avery Dennison RHA (rubber hybridised acrylic) adhesive technology. It is designed primarily for creating labels to be applied onto low surface energy plastic automotive parts and lacquers. 

Conversion and Printing
This product was specially developed for laser marking applications, using fiber and Nd-YAG lasers. High marking speeds of 6000 mm/sec and cutting speeds (390 mm/sec) can be achieved. Marking and cutting parameters (power, speed and pulse rate) have to be set at the individual marking equipment to obtain results matching the requirements.